We’re selling properties like hotcakes – why?

Danville, KY main StreetWe are selling properties like hotcakes.  Most other agents are calling us kvetching about being slow.  We are slammed.  Why?  Price.  Price cures all markets plain and simple.  If someone offered you the largest Mercedes for the same price of a compact Chevy – would you take it?  Of course you would – we all would.  that is what its like buying property from us.  Service you can trust (26 years in April), Super quality properties, low prices – that is what we are all about – and that is why we are selling when others are slow.
Come for a site visit.  We will show you around and show you our properties.  Compare the prices and the quality – you will be impressed.

Kentucky Oatmeal Pancakes

oatmeal pancakesThose of you who know me, never questions my recipes – I am a professional, certified, bonafide, connoiseur of fine food.  This is one of those recipes – totally to die for.
I make these pancakes for my boys nearly every Sunday – have for several years and it is the most requested Sunday breakfast/brunch food by far.  Now add some Kentucky Pepper Bacon to this meal to make it fit for Barbaro, Giacomo, Smarty Jones or Secretariat.  

1 cup old fashioned or quick cooking oats 1/4 cup all purpose flour 2 tablespoons Sugar 1/2 teaspoon baking powder – Calumet, of course – http://www.CalumetFarm.com

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Fresh Tomatoes from the Garden


Cindy and I have a small, raised-bed herb garden that we built in 2000.  We have Basil, Rosemary, Sage, Garlic Chives, Tomatoes, Jalapenos and Poblano chiles.

Nothing elaborate, we have two sections about 5' wide and 15' long.  Just wide enough for plants – which grow to gargantuan proportions here – and narrow enough to reach over.

There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes out of the garden with a dash of Kosher salt. 

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Welcome to our new look!

Bluegrass Farm

Since you haven't received a newsletter from me for over 3 months, you may have thought we dropped off the face of the Earth.  We did not – my hard drive crashed and we have been hoping to get the forensic guy to grab my files – still working on it, but nothing yet, so I am not keeping my hopes up.

We have been seriously busy, so I haven't gotten around to fixing this – until now.

I am sure you will be very happy with the new newsletter – here – and I want comments, so feel free to comment.  Give us feedback, Tell us what you want to see and we'll make this place an awesome place for you to come to to find out all about our Bluegrass Lifestyle.  It is Awesome!  Brad