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$500 down, $204/mo for up to 30 years, no pre-pay penalty

NOTE - We would love to hear from you, so please Call anytime, but please read this entire ad before emailing. Many questions are answered right here. Again, please call anytime...Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell  This is a HUGE ad - I know, but I want you to know what is going on - I don't want you buying an "unknown" area or property.  Our reputation is too important for that - out of state references given gladly upon request.

If you have been looking for a Small Horse Farm or Gentleman's Farm - in a great location - 

with great views - for a great price (this is less than "car" money) - and with owner financing, this is it.

4.2 acres, Spectacular Views - over 15 mile views - only $34,900 your choice - I am not trying to "sell you" here, but this entire farm costs less than "car money"

One mile to Cedar Creek Lake - for Boating, Fishing - Gently Rolling character
3 miles to Stanford's New Hospital and brand new Wal-Mart Super Center, City Water at the end of the driveway
Close to all Shopping and 35 min drive to Lexington, KY and Lake Cumberland (64,000 acre lake) 

kentucky land for sale farms for sale

this image is taken from the place where I personally would build a home looking North towards Lexington.  the driveway looks steep, but it  is not.  It is long - about 750-800' deep - a car or 2WD anything - no worries.

? Just moved into or thinking of moving into the area?  
We have a huge relocation pack filled with info on the area ? just call and ask for one ? 

 ky farms for sale kentucky horse farms

this image is taken at Cedar Creek Lake - just 1 mile away from the driveway.  A nice walk or hop in your golf cart or ATV - only a few houses are beyond your place towards the lake.  More info on Cedar Creek Lake below.

If you are looking for a farm that has everything - this is it.  Road frontage, great location, Views, rolling fields, a little woods, deer, turkeys, etc, etc.  You could fish everyday.

 kentucky land sales ky farms for sale land for sale horse farm

this image is taken at one of the other "prime" building "spots".  Again, this is just my personal choice.

4.2 acres of open, rolling fields and small section of woods - tons of deer and turkeys all around

Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell  for more info or an appointment -

this Farm will not last long on the market - call today if this interests you.

(whenever I say that, it holds to be true almost every time)

for more info on this property, go to  .com

This is what I call Country Living at its Best

kentucky land sales farms for sale land for sale

this image is taken at the road looking back to the South.  This is on the old road - it goes to town one way 3 miles away and ends at the Lake in 1 mile the other way.

build a home home, kick off your shoes and enjoy the good life - the good life of low cost of living and not a worry in the world.

We just had guests in from out of state and we were driving them around the area - they said "Wow, this looks like Ireland, Tuscany or Provence - stone walls, rolling hills, everything green."  That is quite a compliment to us here, we think it is beautiful too.

CNN . com and Business2 . com have recently had several articles stating the SouthEast is the most undervalued area in the nation. What does that tell you? Massive appreciation is coming as more people discover Kentucky and the high quality of life we have - and that our land prices and our cost of living are "on sale".

Tract 7 = 4.2 acres only $34,900 - NOTE - restricted against single-wide mobile homes

kentucky land sales farms for sale in kentucky lake property

this image is taken at one of the other "prime" building "spots".  Again, this is just my personal choice.

The trend is changing of people who were trying to get bigger homes, fancier cars, etc, etc.  We are finding more and more people moving from the rat-race and into the country.  Big mortgage payments come with that big lifestlye.  I have never been one to want so much that if there were ever a hiccup in my income, I couldn't afford my payments.  

Close to all shopping, including grocery stores and a brand new Super Wal-Mart just a few miles away.  Jobs too - Lincoln County is growing in leaps and bounds.  New hospital and all.  City water, close to town and schools, the lakes, golf courses, etc, etc.

kentucky land for sale farms for sale lake property

What about Financing?

A lot of our clients first call their local bank. Most banks do not lend on land out of state - that just makes sense, right?

Good financing is easily available here.  Land Contract is available or there are tons of lenders right here in Danville who lend on bare land, a home or rental property - US Bank, Chase, First Southern, Ag Credit, National City, Farmers Bank, Heritage Community, etc, etc.

Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell  for an appointment -

this farm will not last long on the market.  (whenever I say that, it holds to be true almost every time)

for more info on this property, go to

? ? ? With great schools, great shopping, great medical facilities and close proximity to Lexington and Louisville, you can commute to the city during the day and relax in an affordable town at night.

feed the deer and the turkeys off the deck out back - farmland, views, wildlife, etc

I remember as a kid "going exploring" in the fields and woods with my friends and family.  Those are memories you never forget.
...and right in your own back yard - this is the land.  BBQs, firepit, swings, etc - and you know your children are - 

kentucky land sales ky farms for sale land for sale horse farm

4.2 acres only $34,900 - seller can finance up to 100 yr financing

Most out of town people ask me what the weather is like:  We are originally from the NorthEast, so I think this is a weather bargain here.  All four seasons, none too harsh or long.  I often get asked if we have snow. Sometimes yes, some years no. When we do get snow, it is usually 2" or 3", we get that 2 or 3 times a year and it lasts for 2 or 3 days.  That is a fair answer.  No hurricanes, no crazy weather like that.

Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell  for an appointment -

this Farm will not last long on the market.  (whenever I say that, it holds to be true almost every time)

for more info on this property, go to

Low cost of living, great public and private schools within a couple miles

and a high quality of life - that's what this area is all about.  Taxes?  about $50/yr

Buy with confidence - look at our feedback - 100% positive since 1999 on eBay and we've been in the real estate business for 28 yrs.


this image is Cindy and Brad and the boys last weekend in Danville at Centre College's East Lawn

we are members of    buy with confidence - we aren't going anywhere


Where is Stanford?

In the middle of everything - 10 or 12 minutes to Danville, KY - Ranked one of the top small towns to live by Time Magazine and home to Centre College (centre dot edu), the Harvard of Kentucky.

35 minutes to Lexington, KY's favorite city

35 minutes to Lake Cumberland (more on that below)

30 minutes to I-75 near Berea, KY, the Arts and Crafts Capitol of Kentucky.  Also home to Berea College.  berea . edu



Major City Distances:
? Lexington, KY - 35 miles - 40 minutes
? Louisville, KY - 80 miles - 1 hr, 20 minutes
? Cincinnati, OH - 120 miles - 2 hrs
? Knoxville, TN - 175 miles - 2.5 hrs
? Nashville, TN - 195 miles - 3 hrs
? St. Louis, MO - 340 miles - 4.5 hrs
? Atlanta, GA - 350 miles - 5 hrs
? Chicago, IL - 370 miles - 5.5 hrs
? Detroit, MI - 370 miles - 6 hrs

Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell 

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About the area - Stanford, KY

Like to fish?  Like to take the kiddos out on the boat?

How about 784-acre Cedar Creek Lake with public access at several boat ramps?

How about that its just 5 miles away?

Cedar Creek Lake - Stanford, KY

CedarCreekLake . info

If you are into fishing, you will want to read everything on the rest of the page - if you aren't into fishing or taking the kiddos out on the boat, skip to the bottom and call 

Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell  for an appointment

- this farm will not last long on the market.

for more info on this property, go to

Cedar Creek Lake is just 1 mile away!  Imagine driving 1 minutes and your line is in the water.  It is like having your own private lake.

kentucky land for sale lake property sales farms horse famr

is an 800 acre lake not big enough? 

How about 35 minutes south to Lake Cumberland

with 64,000 acres - Cumberland should be big enough.


Lake Cumberland and Somerset, KY is the Houseboat Capital of the World

- this one is now back at Lake Cumberland from Lake Powell 



If you are into fishing, you will want to read everything on the rest of the page - if you aren't into fishing or taking the kiddos out on the boat, skip to the bottom and call 

Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell  for an appointment

- this farm will not last long on the market.  

for more info on this property, go to


10 milesaway is - Danville, KY - a town you'll probably go to once in a while.  They have an Office Depot, Starbucks, Cracker Barrel, Applebee's, O'Charley's, new Outback being built, and all that stuff - its a College Town --- don't give up, there is plenty more on Stanford and the Lake below - read more...

This area still holds on to the small town values that make it a great place to raise a family, have a business or live economically in retirement. Danville, our shopping town just a few minutes away is also home to one of Kentucky's best colleges, Centre College. Centre is home to Norton Center For The Arts and hosts the site of The Great American Brass Band Festival (GABBF), an annual event that alone draws over 50,000 people each year. Panasonic, Caterpillar, Hobart, R.R. Donnelly (one of the largest printers in the world), American Greetings, and Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center are just a few of the companies that have chosen to do business in Danville. Go to Danville-KY to learn more about the Danville. Go to KYLandSales to find out more about the Wilderness Trace Region.

This is one of Centre College's buildings

and Norton Center for the Arts

we get all the world-class shows here. Recently - David Copperfield, Bowfire, Cats, Steve Terrell, MoMix, Melissa Manchester, Garrison Keillor, Leon Redbone, James Galway, Fiddler on the Roof, etc, etc

Norton Center is a lot of fun - we go to dinner at our favorite restaurant in town Freddie's (Italian), walk to the show and in 10 minutes, we are back home sitting on the porch.

here, we enjoy life at a more leisurely pace -

The Great American Brass Band Festival is a hoot - we get 50,000-55,000 people to come to our little college town of Danville for a week every June. This is a can't miss event - bands playing in the streets, parades, balloon race, fireworks and "the picnic". This is Norman Rockwell alive!

yes, it really is this fun!

FAQs: How far away is civilization?


we are within one days drive of 75% of the US population. Hard to imagine, but true.

Danville, Kentucky is in the heart of it all.

and with no traffic jams - 10 miles usually means 10 minutes.

218 Harding is in town, but is also amongst rolling bluegrass.  With thousands of square miles of rolling, Kentucky bluegrass around you, you are still less than 2 miles to: a Wal-Mart Super Center, an 8 plex theatre, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Country Hearth Motel, Best Western, 2 Chinese Restaurants, one Chinese Jumbo Buffet, Western Sizzlin, Reno's Texas Steakhouse, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Kroger Super Center (supermarket)...

Super Kmart, 135,000 square foot Lowe's (Like Home Depot), Cracker Barrel, Long John Silvers, Wendy's, more than a Dozen Banks, Taco Bell, 2 Pizza Huts, Applebee's, Captain D's, a BlockBuster, four Mexican restaurants, Shoney's, a Med Center, a Doctor's Park, the Regional Med Center, more...

NOTE - I mentioned we have a Cracker Barrel - Cracker Barrel never builds a store away from an Interstate - they built one here because Danville attracts business from 19 counties. Our Chamber of Commerce is 450 members strong. Danville is open for business.

Looking to start a business?

Here is some information from the DowntownDanville . com site regarding opportunities:

? Danville Drives Retail Demand - Retail sales across the City of Danville increased by about 51.6%
between 1992 and 1997 (rising from $207.1 million to $314.0 million). Not surprisingly, sales
across all of Boyle County experienced a similar increase of 48.7%, rising from $223.2 million to
$331.9 million. The sales growth in Danville has clearly driven Boyle County retail sales.

? Significant Retail Sales are Leaking from the Regional Market - There is an estimated $97.5
million in retail sales potential being un-captured by existing merchants in Danville and Boyle
County. There is an estimated $22.5 million in leaked food/grocery sales from Danville. This is
followed by an approximate $19.6 million in restaurant sales and then by $16.7 million in alcohol
sales (both consumption at home and away from home). Retail sales leakage for certain specialty
retail such as records, books, videos and other home entertainment amounts to an estimated $6.8

? Downtown Could Recapture Share of Sales Leakage - At a conservative 25.0% recapture rate,
Danville could support another 23,600 square feet of restaurant space, another 18,400 square
feet of grocery space, 10,800 square feet of furniture, furnishings and appliance stores and more
than 8,500 square feet of home entertainment space ? including book stores, records/CD?s and
other audio and video. It is unlikely that a ?new? grocery store would locate in Danville and build
an 18,400 Square foot store as typical, modern groceries are in excess of 40,000 square feet.

? New Business Opportunities - The City of Danville could potentially support an additional 19 to 37
new retail establishments. These range from a low of one new children?s clothing store or shoe
store to a high of an additional nine new restaurants. The high demand for restaurants will
continue to grow.

tons more info here - DanvilleKentucky dot com

Lake Herrington is just on the other side of Danville - great place to boat, jet-ski, fish, waterski, etc - the lake is 32 miles long and just 10 minutes away, not a bad deal!

Back to the main intersection of Danville - ...two car washes, coffee houses with entertainment and wireless hi-speed, Huddle House (like Waffle House), a Honda Motorcycle/4 wheeler dealer, a Chicago-style BBQ shack - Yum!, a Mazda dealership, Sam Goody, Tractor Supply (like a huge Southern States/Agway-type store), GNC, two book/magazine stores, two Hallmark stores, GoodWill, two Jewelry stores, two clothing stores, a shoe store, JCPenney, three hair-styling places, Office Depot, mini-storage, Pool/Spa supply store, Pack and Ship Center, Carpet outlet, Krystal Burger (White Castle of the South), Laundromats, Wendy?s, Subway, Florist, a brand new O'Charley's and two new sports bars.  This is just what is available at that ?main? intersection.  There is other shopping within another mile or two in several different directions that have a Convention Center, Hotels, restaurants, a Day Spa - RumiSpa, etc.  Go to KYLandSales for more info on the area.

Plus we're close to a couple nice lakes Lake Herrington (10 minutes) and Lake Cumberland (one hr)

How big is Danville?

Danville is approximately 20,000 people.  It is also a hub to 19 counties, drawing in many tens of thousands to shop, dine and for our services, such as our commercial stores, our medical facilities and colleges. Centre dot edu - for one.  Go to KYLandSale for more info on the area.  See why Time Magazine has featured Danville / Boyle County, Kentucky, as  one of the successful small towns in America! Outdoor  recreation, historical attractions, antique shopping, quaint restaurants  and charming bed-and-breakfasts await you in Danville/Boyle County.

How is the cost of living in the Danville / central Kentucky area?

Cost of living is, what I consider, some of the lowest in the country.  Groceries are similar to most parts of the country as is gasoline, etc. However, for most people taxes and insurance are some of their greatest expenses. Property tax rates are approximately .0092?- example a new home on a few acres worth $100,000 ?- taxes are $920 per year.  Insurance companies vary, but we have some of the lowest insurance rates in the country. Electric is another great deal here.  We have two different electricity providers ?- depending on area ? - it is either 3.9 cents or 5.2 cents per kWh (2006 rates).

Are there opportunities in the area?

There are many opportunities here.  There are not enough services for the population that we have.  A lot of people like to work at the college, factories or hospital here because of the benefits.  Which leaves a huge opportunity for service businesses and tourism is big here also.  Jobs - pay may be lower here compared to NY or CA, but expenses are way lower. I personally think the lifestyle is far better here.  Ours is. Without exorbitant expenses, you are given many freedoms and opportunities to spend this extra cash on yourself or your future.

We talk about costs of living, but quality of life is more important to us here. The Bluegrass region has spectacular landscape and scenery and we are close to great antique shopping, all of historic bourbon distilleries, several wineries and several cities. There is always a day trip or weekend trip to enjoy.

images courtesy of TalonWinery

and of course there's the Bourbon distilleries!

Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell 

more info on this property at

How are the schools in the area?

Our local scholastic program has one of the top rankings in the state and can be compared to any school system in the country.  We have many people who move to the area and do this comparison and they are satisfied to impressed.

For more info  Also see for all schools report card.

more about Cedar Creek Lake:

STANFORD, KY. ? The rumors already have started.
At the Cedar Creek Lake Outfitter's Pro Bass Shop just off U.S. 150 about a half-mile east of the dam, owner Randy Phillips has heard talk of 5-pound bass. Maybe. A guy at the ramp said he knows a guy who caught 70 bass in a couple of hours near where old U.S. 150 disappears into the lake.  Possibly.
It really doesn't matter if these stories aren't completely pure. If there is any absolute among anglers, it's that the right of fishing embellishment shall not be infringed. These tales do have the ring of truth, however, and that's close enough for a fish tale.
Besides, they could be entirely accurate. After all, we're talking about Cedar Creek Lake, the recently impounded 784-acre Lincoln County watershed that was designed and is being managed to grow big bass and their lovable cousins, large bluegill.
Few things send a shock of excitement through the fishing fraternity like the promise of new water.
Cedar Creek was impounded in 2003 and was opened immediately to fishing. Now the bass, bluegill, shellcracker, catfish and black crappie that were stocked last year have had a season to eat, grow and acclimate themselves to the nooks and crannies of this fertile lake, which finally has filled to normal pool, flooding hundreds of acres of standing timber.
Local fishermen are licking their chops.
"This is just what we need around here," said Dexter Wall, who was pitching a jig toward one of the countless trees that dot the lake. "It's going to be a good place to fish."
That's what state fishery officials are hoping, and there's every reason to believe the lake will meet or even exceed their lofty expectations.
Cedar Creek was designed with fishermen in mind. Instead of bulldozing all of the timber in the floodplain ? the normal approach with state-built lakes ? the builders left most of it intact. They did slice boat lanes through the trees so fishermen could steer their way into acres of timber-choked cover.
"There's more standing timber, acre per acre, here than at any other state-owned lake," said Benji Kinman, director of fisheries for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and a guy who was instrumental in the Cedar Creek project since its inception about 15 years ago.
Much of Cedar Creek's promise is in what you can't see. Fishery officials loaded the bottom with downed timber, stake beds and other stuff to attract fish. And the lakebed contour somewhat resembles a moonscape. There's the winding creek channel, of course, along with a hole left from a large farm pond and mounds built by bulldozers.
The upper lake swallowed an abandoned railroad bed, and the old U.S. 150 road and bridge (which was left intact) were piled with fish-attracting goodies. The old road runs through the lower lake about 400 yards from the dam.
Once the hardware was in place, the Fish and Wildlife Commission slapped Cedar Creek with a stringent creel limit on largemouth bass: one per day, 20-inch minimum. The bluegill and shellcracker limit is 30 total. Fishermen can keep 15 crappie as long as they are 9 inches or longer. The limit on channel catfish is four per day, 12 inches or longer.
FINALLY, before the floodgate was closed and the fish were stocked, officials attempted to eradicate all of the fish that remained in the farm pond, creek channel and other pockets of water that dotted the site. Then they stocked three year-classes of largemouth bass along with mature and young panfish and cats under and over the minimum legal length.
A 300-foot property buffer guarantees that the shore will remain open to bank fishermen. Three boat ramps and a nice rock pier for bank-bound anglers complete the package.
The lake also is off limits to houseboats (pontoons up to 301?2 feet are OK), jet-drive boats and personal watercraft.
"We wanted to start clean," Kinman said. "And we tried to make it as conducive to fishing as possible."
They've done that, but that doesn't mean the fish give up their secrets automatically.
Working under a blue sky in water so clear that a spinnerbait was visible from a 40-foot cast, Kinman and I were on the lake more than an hour before dragging our first bass to the boat. It was a fat, healthy largemouth, but it was at least 6 inches shy of the 20-inch minimum.
We cruised upstream past a long line of cedar trees, their gray and dust-colored triangle shapes reflecting off the water. One problem with so much cover is that every spot looks fishy.
KINMAN saddled the boat next to a break in the trees that extended to the bank. He fired a spinnerbait parallel to the tree line and hooked a 12-inch bass. That brief fight spooked a bunch of bluegill that splashed the surface like heavy raindrops.
The original plan was for Cedar Creek to produce quality bluegill and shellcracker along with 20-inch-plus bass.
"What we're trying to do is walk a fine line between having a good bass lake and a good bluegill lake," Kinman said.
That highly ambitious hope already has hit a snag. Fishery officials had hoped to keep Cedar Creek free of shad, forcing the bass to feed on baby bluegills.
Bass probably don't grow as quickly on a bluegill diet as they do when feasting on shad, but bluegill numbers are kept in check. It's survival of the fittest at its best, and fishermen reap the benefits. The bluegill that survive the hungry bass generally grow to a serious size.
Unfortunately, that's probably not going to happen here. An electroshocking survey last fall revealed a few gizzard shad in the lake. A few is all it takes. Kinman said the baitfish might have been missed during the eradication work before impoundment and stocking. More likely, however, they were dumped in the lake illegally.
"That's going to hurt the bluegill," he said. "It will still be a good bluegill lake; they just won't get as big. You just don't see great big 9-inch-plus bluegill in lakes where you have shad. But now that they (shad) are here, it will probably help the bass."
They aren't going to need much help. Cedar Creek is poised to be one of the state's finest fishing jewels.

Another article about Cedar Creek Lake - If you are still with me - you probably like to fish. Come for a visit and be as impressed with this incredible fisherman's paradise as we are - just call
Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell  for an appointment
- this farm will not last long on the market.

for more info on this property, go to

"It's a nice lake, especially for taking little ones fishing because there are lots of places to tie up in the shallows," said Judy Gibson of Harrodsburg as she and her husband Stan launched their boat. They were preparing to take their granddaughter Kaitlyn Davies bluegill fishing.
"I'm going to catch a whopper," Kaitlyn said. "I got a new Barbie fishing pole."


Elk are getting very popular in Kentucky.  There are Elk right in this area - confirmed by the KY Dept of Wildlife - Lincoln County has Elk again.


courtesy of  cedar creek club . org/

Come for a visit and be as impressed with this incredible outdoorsman's and fisherman's paradise as my last 100 clients have been - just call me

Call Cindy or Brad 859-319-4000 or 5000 cell  for an appointment 

4.2 acres only $34,900 - seller finance available

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