Kentucky Horse Farm for sale in the Lexington Bluegrass area - Harrodsburg, KY

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This ad is HUGE because I want you to know everything I can give you about this property and the area.
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119 Chinn Lane - Harrodsburg, KY 40330

Perfect Location, Perfect Land, Great Barn, Pretty Good House with pond and 2 new septic systems 

This was appraised and sold 14 months ago for $140,000.  We bought the mortgage.  Priced to sell quickly - it is Corporate owned and way below today's value - only 99,500.  
Note to Agents and Brokers - pre-approval letter must be attached to all offers

You are buying a Bluegrass Horse Farm for the price of a Mercedes or BMW.

right across from Historic Shawnee Springs on 6.5 acres -
this is in the Heart of the Bluegrass region

harrodsburg, ky horse farm for sale
2,030 sf (according to appraiser)
3 bedrooms, 2 baths, fireplace, garage, barn, pond, road frontage 6.5 acres

6.5 acres, 3 br, 2 bath farm home, pond, barn in a spectacular location - Corporate owned $99,500.  In Texas and California, that is garage money. :-)

Note - We have been doing this for more than 27 years.  
We are not going anywhere - look at our feedback - 100%, look at our testimonials.  Buy with confidence.

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This property is for the Country Living and perfect for the Horse lover.

above - the image above is the garden - the house is to the left.  that road there is Chinn Lane and the horse fence across the road is Anderson Circle Farm - the perfect neighbor to have.  High end area.

pond is right behind that hay bale

between the garage and the barn is this area - the peonies are gorgeous and established.

ky house for sale

this image above is Shawnee Farm, a 1200 acre Thoroughbred facility right up the road

this image above is the land - the house is to the left and the road is to the right.  this is standing in the middle of the property looking towards the back.

this is the pond - the green stuff is seasonal - perfectly fine for the animals to drink

this is again standing near the center of the farm looking towards the pond

6.5 acres with road frontage on 2 roads - see plat below

image above is the 24x50' barn with workshop shed off to the left in the back - 

the garage to the left would be perfect for an art studio/workshop.

this image above is where a home used to be - it has water, septic and electric to this spot.  I assume Planning and Zoning will allow another home to be brought in - or a guesthouse built.  All of that is subject to P&Z approval of course, but we can assist in that if that is important to you.

Would make a perfect "granny cottage", guest house, etc - all utilities are already there.

the plat is above - aerial below.  the red lines show approximate property lines

to give you an idea of what you are looking at (it may be hard not being here to see it in person), the top of the farm is where the house is - the garden right behind.  Note the shadows are long - see tree shadows going over the road?  Same with the house - it appears there are two houses there - the topmost one is a shadow

its brown right now because we were in a drought - it is raining now

we think the Bluegrass Region is one of the prettiest places on earth - you are in the heart of Bluegrass Country here at this farm

the house needs $15-20,000 worth of work to make it "tip-top spiffy".  It is livable as is - people just moved out about 2 months ago.

the house needs sprucing - the kitchen is cleaned up and is being painted as I put this as up - it will no longer be pepto bismol pink  ;-)

this was used as a mud room/ pantry area - it is huge.  Could be a nice sun room, play room, etc.  Side entry door is to the right, kitchen to the left

ky famrs for sale

across from Anderson Circle Farm in gorgeous Mercer Co, KY - see more about both below.

Come inside - FYI - the land is gorgeous, the location tremendous, but the house needs some sprucing up to make spectacular - livable now

living room - hardwood floors throughout

Bedroom 3 - with fireplace

one of the two baths

this image is of the farm from the driveway as you turn in to the property


that is your driveway on the left - Anderson Circle Farm to the right

go to the Y, make a left and you are  3 mi to downtown, restaurants, B&Bs, hospital, etc - 2 miles to the bypass around town and the highway

new city water line just in - this is where the tenant house used to be - we just tore it down a few weeks ago - perfect spot for a guest house
harrodsburg, ky horse farm for sale

If you are looking for a tremendous location to build a Horse Facility or build a high-end Estate - or live a Country Living life, this is it - and the location is awesome

the two horses above are at Shaker Village - about 3 miles/4 minutes away.


The land alone is worth more than the owners are asking and obviously worth more as a development - but we are trying to avoid that.

6.5 acres, pond, farm house in a spectacular location with high dollar farms - only $99,500.  

I don't have to tell you, in Texas and California, that is garage money. :-)

We like to think of this area as Kentucky's Crown Jewel.   This image above is Shawnee Farm - right up the road.

Set amidst verdant, green, rolling hills, breathtaking scenery, spectacular sunsets and framed against the majestic Bluegrass Region we call home.


more info on this property at

there is a TON of info here - all relevant, so bear with me - I want to make sure you have all the info you need to make an intelligent decision to buy or to come for a site visit.

Call Brad 859-319-5000 cell or Ken 859-494-5521 cell - today for a showing and to tour the area.

ky land sales farms for sale

this image is from a friend of mine Gene Burch. There are a couple of his images here to show what the area looks like.

- thanks Gene! GeneBurch dot com

City Distances:
 Lexington, KY - 40 miles - 45 minutes
 Louisville, KY - 75 miles - 1 hr, 10 minutes
 Cincinnati, OH - 120 miles - 2 hrs
 Knoxville, TN - 175 miles - 2.5 hrs
 Nashville, TN - 195 miles - 3 hrs
 St. Louis, MO - 340 miles - 4.5 hrs
 Atlanta, GA - 350 miles - 5 hrs
 Chicago, IL - 370 miles - 5.5 hrs
 Detroit, MI - 370 miles - 6 hrs

farms for sale

We often say Lexington is Kentucky's favorite city - and the Historic Triangle of Perryville, Harrodsburg and Danville are Kentucky's favorite small towns.

Where is Harrodsburg? Scroll down - I have included lots of info about the area.

Central Kentucky is filled with beautiful, rolling hills and stately horse farms.

Danville, one of our closest college towns is voted one of the best small towns in America - AGAIN - by Time Magazine.  I have all those articles on our blog - go to our website and click on blog.

Call Brad 859-319-5000 cell or Ken 859-494-5521 cell - today for a showing and to tour the grounds.

more info on this property at

Are you tired of the rat race? The hustle and bustle of congested towns? Well, you have just found a little-known secret -

the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky.

ky farms for sale

Kentucky Horse Farm vineyard winery Herrington Lake Shakertown land for sale
this is right up the road about a mile away on Mundys Landing

this image below is of Walnut Hall on Mundys Landing, your neighbor - for history on this home, see AndersonCircleFarm below

more info on this property at

Call Brad on my cell phone at 859-319-5000 or Ken 859-494-5521 on his cell for an appointment -

for more info on this property, go to


27 yrs in business and we are members of the Better Business Bureau, AREIP, 

Boyle County Chamber, Lincoln County Chamber and Taylor County Chamber of Commerce


The Historic Triangle -
Perryville, Harrodsburg and Danville, KY

Let's start with Harrodsburg -

farms for sale

Main Street is cute as a button - Antique shops, restaurants, shops, etc

This is Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill - it is a living history museum just 3 miles +/- from 119 Chinn Lane


shaker 1


ShakerVillageKY dot org
aerial  shaker 4 

shaker 5
they have a great restaurant here -

farms for sale

Then there is Anderson Circle Farm - a Black Angus Ranch

directly across the road :-)

this is the cattle Sale barn

7000+ (yes, seven thousand) total acres
13 full professional staff members (seasonal staff varies)
15 houses - 85 barns
1 Show and Sale Barn with Farm Office
15 cattle working facilities with 2 sets of scales
12 upright silos - 3 confinement feeding facilities
10 pre-conditioning yards
120 miles of 4-board fence
12 miles of hard surface roads

This is the Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg

beaumont Beaumont   beaumont 2    tavern insidetavern

This is one of the Marinas - 
just a few miles away on Lake Herrington
on the west side of the Historic Triangle is Perryville, KY 
Lots of history buffs know about Perryville's Civil War history - read more at Perryville dot net


to the West - 9 miles down the road is Perryville, KY. Perryville has two stop lights, two convenience stores (with hot breakfast, lunch and dinners),
World Famous Jimmie's Barber shop, two banks, an antiques shop and a few churches. It is Mayberry, RFD without a doubt.

Perryville Civil War Re-enactment and Commemoration Weekend - October 7-8, 2006 - this is a fantastic thing to do with the kids and grandkids. We always bring our guests to the reenactment - they are always quite impressed - it is awesome to see.

On October 8, 1862, the Civil War Battle of Perryville raged near the town of Perryville, Kentucky. After five hours of fighting, more than 7,500 soldiers were killed. Cannonballs and bullets struck local homes and nearly every building and barn served as a hospital for the suffering troops.

Drawings and signatures of wounded soldiers remain on local walls. This battle was the South's final attempt to take Kentucky for the Confederacy and was the largest fight on Kentucky soil.


Each year, on the weekend close to the actual battle, the Perryville Re-enactment and Commemoration Weekend is held at the Perryville Battlefield.

The re-enactment events are held on 600 acres of pristine Battlefield site, as well as in the historic town of Perryville, where Merchants Row stands much as it did in 1862 when the Confederate and Union armies clashed on October 8. For more information about Perryville and the Civil War Battle of 1862 check out the web site of Perryville dot net.


Perryville is a quaint little town featured in Country and Western Music Video "My Town" by MontgomeryGentry, great song, great video, great group - great town.

I guess that's why Eddie Montgomery still lives here.


kentucky house for sale land

Call Brad 859-319-5000 today for a showing and to tour the grounds.

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Then there is Danville, the place where we shop, go to restaurants, arts, coffee houses, medical, etc


on the east side of the Historic Triangle 
is Danville, KY

This area still holds on to the small town values that make it a great place to raise a family, have a business or live economically in retirement. Danville, our shopping town just a few minutes away is also home to one of Kentucky's best colleges, Centre College. Centre is home to Norton Center For The Arts and hosts the site of The Great American Brass Band Festival (GABBF), an annual event that alone draws over 50,000 people each year. Panasonic, Caterpillar, Hobart, R.R. Donnelly (one of the largest printers in the world), American Greetings, and Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center are just a few of the companies that have chosen to do business in Danville. Go to Danville-KY to learn more about the Danville. Go to KYLandSales to find out more about the Wilderness Trace Region.

This is one of Centre College's buildings

and Norton Center for the Arts

we get all the world-class shows here. Recently - David Copperfield, Bowfire, Cats, Steve Terrell, MoMix, Melissa Manchester, Garrison Keillor, Leon Redbone, James Galway, Fiddler on the Roof, etc, etc

Norton Center is a lot of fun - we go to dinner at our favorite restaurant in town 4th St Deli and Tap Room  GoTo4thSt dot com - awesomely funky - walk to the show and in 10 minutes, we are back home sitting on the porch.

here, we enjoy life at a more leisurely pace -

The Great American Brass Band Festival is a hoot - we get 50,000-55,000 people to come to our little college town of Danville for a week every June. This is a can't miss event - bands playing in the streets, parades, balloon race, fireworks and "the picnic". This is Norman Rockwell alive!

yes, it really is this fun!

FAQs: How far away is civilization?


we are within one days drive of 75% of the US population. Hard to imagine, but true.

Danville, Kentucky is in the heart of it all.

and with no traffic jams - 10 miles usually means 10 minutes.

With thousands of square miles of rolling, Kentucky bluegrass around you, you are still less than a few miles to: Starbucks, a Wal-Mart Super Center, an 8 plex theatre, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Country Hearth Motel, Best Western, 2 Chinese Restaurants, one Chinese Jumbo Buffet, Western Sizzlin, Reno's Texas Steakhouse, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Kroger Super Center (supermarket)...

Super Kmart, 135,000 square foot Lowe's (Like Home Depot), Cracker Barrel, Long John Silvers, Wendy's, more than a Dozen Banks, Taco Bell, 2 Pizza Huts, Applebee's, Captain D's, a BlockBuster, four Mexican restaurants, Shoney's, a Med Center, a Doctor's Park, the Regional Med Center, more...

NOTE - I mentioned we have a Cracker Barrel - Cracker Barrel never builds a store away from an Interstate - they built one here because Danville attracts business from 19 counties. Our Chamber of Commerce is 450 members strong. Danville is open for business.

Looking to start a business?

Here is some information from the DowntownDanville . com site regarding opportunities:

 Danville Drives Retail Demand - Retail sales across the City of Danville increased by about 51.6%
between 1992 and 1997 (rising from $207.1 million to $314.0 million). Not surprisingly, sales
across all of Boyle County experienced a similar increase of 48.7%, rising from $223.2 million to
$331.9 million. The sales growth in Danville has clearly driven Boyle County retail sales.

 Significant Retail Sales are Leaking from the Regional Market - There is an estimated $97.5
million in retail sales potential being un-captured by existing merchants in Danville and Boyle
County. There is an estimated $22.5 million in leaked food/grocery sales from Danville. This is
followed by an approximate $19.6 million in restaurant sales and then by $16.7 million in alcohol
sales (both consumption at home and away from home). Retail sales leakage for certain specialty
retail such as records, books, videos and other home entertainment amounts to an estimated $6.8

kentucky vineyard house for sale Kentucky farms for sale land house ky house for sale land horse farm
 Downtown Could Recapture Share of Sales Leakage - At a conservative 25.0% recapture rate,
Danville could support another 23,600 square feet of restaurant space, another 18,400 square
feet of grocery space, 10,800 square feet of furniture, furnishings and appliance stores and more
than 8,500 square feet of home entertainment space including book stores, records/CDs and
other audio and video. It is unlikely that a "new" grocery store would locate in Danville and build
an 18,400 Square foot store as typical, modern groceries are in excess of 40,000 square feet.

 New Business Opportunities - The City of Danville could potentially support an additional 19 to 37
new retail establishments. These range from a low of one new childrens clothing store or shoe
store to a high of an additional nine new restaurants. The high demand for restaurants will
continue to grow.

tons more info here -

Lake Herrington is just on the other side of Danville - great place to boat, jet-ski, fish, waterski, etc - the lake is 32 miles long and just 10 minutes away, not a bad deal!

Back to the main intersection of Danville - ...two car washes, coffee houses with entertainment and wireless hi-speed, Huddle House (like Waffle House), a Honda Motorcycle/4 wheeler dealer, a Chicago-style BBQ shack - Yum!, a Mazda dealership, Sam Goody, Tractor Supply (like a huge Southern States/Agway-type store), GNC, two book/magazine stores, two Hallmark stores, GoodWill, two Jewelry stores, two clothing stores, a shoe store, JCPenney, three hair-styling places, Office Depot, mini-storage, Pool/Spa supply store, Pack and Ship Center, Carpet outlet, Laundromats, Wendys, Subway, Florist, a brand new O'Charley's and two new sports bars.  This is just what is available at that "main" intersection.  There is other shopping within another mile or two in several different directions that have a Convention Center, Hotels, restaurants, a Day Spa - Lilly Spa, etc.  Go to for more info on the area.

Plus we're close to a couple nice lakes Lake Herrington (10 minutes) and Lake Cumberland (one hr)

How big is Danville?

Danville is approximately 20,000 people.  It is also a hub to 19 counties, drawing in many tens of thousands to shop, dine and for our services, such as our commercial stores, our medical facilities and colleges. Centre dot edu - for one.  Go to for more info on the area.  See why Time Magazine has featured Danville / Boyle County, Kentucky, as  one of the successful small towns in America! Outdoor  recreation, historical attractions, antique shopping, quaint restaurants  and charming bed-and-breakfasts await you in Danville/Boyle County.

Lexington's Civic Center at Triangle Park -

How far is Lexington and Louisville?

Lexington - KY's favorite city is just 28 miles = 35 minutes; Louisville is 70 miles = 1 hr and a little.  Lexington is sprawling south towards Danville.  There are a number of shopping opportunities closer than "downtown" Lexington.  Several in Nicholasville, just twenty minutes away.  If you can't find it in Danville (rare), Lexington/Nicholasville has everything.

(photos by JeffRogers and DanDry)

Back to the Harrodsburg/Danville/Perryville area


How is the cost of living in the Harrodsburg / central Kentucky area?

Cost of living is, what I consider, some of the lowest in the country.  Groceries are similar to most parts of the country as is gasoline, etc. However, for most people taxes and insurance are some of their greatest expenses. Property tax rates are approximately .0092- example a new home on a few acres worth $100,000 - taxes are $920 per year.  Insurance companies vary, but we have some of the lowest insurance rates in the country. Electric is another great deal here.  We have two different electricity providers- depending on area - it is either 3.9 cents or 5.2 cents per kWh (2004 rates).

Are there opportunities in the area?

There are many opportunities here.  There are not enough services for the population that we have.  A lot of people like to work at the college, factories or hospital here because of the benefits.  Which leaves a huge opportunity for service businesses and tourism is big here also.  Jobs - pay may be lower here compared to NY or CA, but expenses are way lower. I personally think the lifestyle is far better here.  Ours is. Without exorbitant expenses, you are given many freedoms and opportunities to spend this extra cash on yourself or your future.

We talk about costs of living, but quality of life is more important to us here.  The Bluegrass region has spectacular landscape and scenery and we are close to great antique shopping, all of historic bourbon distilleries, several wineries and several cities.  There is always a day trip or weekend trip to enjoy.

just 18 miles away is Award-Winning, Talon Winery - what a glorious place

images courtesy of Award-Winning, Gold Medal Talon Winery

and then there's Elk Creek Vineyards nearby - along with 18 others

images courtesy of Elk Creek Vineyards

and of course, there are the Bourbon distilleries!

We are becoming known as the Napa Valley of Bourbon and here's why -  Bourbon is Kentucky and we are rapidly becoming the tourist attraction to the younger crowd.  Boomers are interested in Wine, but Gen Xers are now more interested in Distilled Spirits and we are in the right place at the right time.

kentucky bourbon   kentucky boubon

kentucky bourbon   


Call Brad 859-319-5000 cell or Ken 859-494-5521 cell - today for a showing and to tour the grounds.

more info on this property at

How are the schools in the area?

Our local scholastic program has one of the top rankings in the state and can be compared to any school system in the country.  We have many people who move to the area and do this comparison and they are satisfied to impressed.

Boyle County High's Football program has something to be proud of.  They have only lost two games in the past four years. According to statistics, that makes the Boyle County's football team, the best high-school football team in national history.  There will be a lot of offers of scholarships coming our way. For more info  Also see for all schools report card.

A lot of people ask us about the area weather. Originally from the NorthEast, I think this is a weather bargain. All four seasons, none too harsh or long. I often get asked if we have snow. Sometimes yes, some years no. When we do get snow, it is usually 2" or 3", 2 or 3 times a year and it lasts for 2 or 3 days. That is a fair answer. No hurricanes, no crazy weather like that.

Magazine features Danville as place to retire

HOUSTON - Where to Retire magazine, the only magazine in America geared to helping people with retirement relocation, has selected Danville to profile as a top retirement spot in its January/February issue.

According to editor Alan Fox, Danville has many of the qualities that are important to today's retirees.

"Historic and scenic Danville is a Kentucky Certified Retirement Community. Full of country charm with rolling hills, sprawling horse farms and recreational opportunities on lakes, rivers and streams, Danville is ideal for nature lovers. Centre College and the Community Arts Center draw entertainment like touring Broadway shows, concerts, lectures and numerous festivals. Several area colleges also offer continuing education classes. With five districts on the National Register of Historic Places, a thriving cultural scene and plenty of outdoor activities, Danville offers retirees a well-rounded lifestyle," Fox said.

Each year, 700,000 Americans move to new towns to retire.

Generally healthier, better educated and more affluent than retirees who stay put, relocating retirees bring significant economic benefits to their new states and home towns. Nationally, two dozen states and hundreds of towns seek to attract retirees as a source of economic development.

Where to Retire magazine was launched in 1992 with the goal of helping its readers find the ideal place to retire. It has a national circulation of 220,000.

Source: Advocate Messenger, Danville, Kentucky

Progressive Farmer features Boyle County (9 miles - next County over - Danville) as top 10 places to live in the Southeast

kentucky vineyard for sale    

What's the Weather Like there?

You can see below the 4 inches +/- per month average of rain that usually comes in short bursts, then the sun comes out. With plenty of water and abundant sunshine - it is no wonder how we keep these rolling, bluegrass fields so lush and green.

People often ask about snow - an honest answer is - we get 2"-3" at a time, 2 - 3 times a year, and it is gone in 2 -3 days.  now sometimes we get 6", but I see it many years where we get no snow all year.

What about Financing?
Seller may help with financing if needed -

A lot of our clients first call their local bank. Most banks do not lend on land out of state - that just makes sense, right?

Good financing is easily available here. There are tons of lenders right here in Harrodsburg/Danville/Lexington who lend on land,  a home or rental property - US Bank, Chase, First Southern, Ag Credit, National City, Farmers Bank, Heritage Community, etc, etc.
I am sure you will have a few more questions. Call me, I am glad to help.

Call today and own a piece of some of the most beautiful land on the planet -

Call Brad on his cell phone at 859-319-5000  for an appointment -

for more info on this property, go to

Brad Simmons 859-319-5000 home or Cindy 859-319-4000 cell

Land sells quickly and when its gone, its gone. Start a Legacy, own a piece of the Bluegrass.

We just had guests in from out of state and we were driving them around the area - they said "Wow, this looks like Ireland, Tuscany or Provence - stone walls, rolling hills, everything green."  That is quite a compliment to us here, we think it is beautiful too.

CNN . com and Business2 . com have recently had several articles stating the SouthEast is the most undervalued area in the nation. What does that tell you?  Massive appreciation is coming as more people discover Kentucky and the high quality of life we have - and that our land prices and our cost of living are "on sale".

How much longer can you afford to put off your dream?

if you've been with me all the way down here - bless your heart.  If you have, then you will also want to go to: --- and get more info on this property and the area


27 yrs in business and we are members of the Better Business Bureau, AREIP, 

Boyle County Chamber, Lincoln County Chamber and Taylor County Chamber of Commerce

harrodsburg, ky horse farm for sale

(throw $15-20,000 at this house and you have a $175,000 showplace)

Call Brad or Hill today for a showing and to tour the grounds.

859-319-5000 for an appointment -

this home will not last long on the market once it is complete - it is done.

for more info on this property, go to

Brad Simmons 859-319-5000 home or Cindy 859-319-4000 cell

6.5 acres, 3/2 house with barn and pond in a spectacular location - only $99,500.  

In Texas and California (and many other places in the USA, that is deck/landscape or garage money. :-)

 Call  for a tour of this property

all information contained herein is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed

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